Daily Cosmic Calendar for Thursday, September 11

chakras-mc3a1solataWhen a long void-of-course Moon cycle takes hold — as is occurring right now with the Moon meandering at the end of Aries until 6:18PM — it is harder to gain traction with practical concerns. Nevertheless, a Venus-Neptune contra-parallel (6:21AM) — which does have the capacity to hoodwink lovers and artists with devilish temptations — can also stimulate psychic sensitivity and imaginative prowess for the good.

A supportive, 60-degree sextile linking the Sun in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio (8:04AM) shouldn’t go for naught as it contains a certain gift for enhancing business savvy. Meanwhile, two highly favorable alignments — Mercury uniting with Pallas at 14 degrees of Libra (10:13AM) followed by the Moon parallel Venus (2:11PM) — are wonderful for boosting problem-solving efforts, strategic thinking, arts, crafts, and beloved hobbies. However, due to the lengthy void lunar limbo time-span, you may want to utilize both of these perky sky patterns after the Moon enters the sign of its exaltation — Taurus (6:18PM).

The main trouble-maker of the day — besides the long void Moon — is a potentially stressful, 45-degree tie between Mercury and Mars (4:10PM). If you can avoid temperamental individuals and any kind of unruly behavior around this time-period, look forward to enjoying the start of the 2+ day Taurus Moon experience by hosting an impromptu party for pals or let the good times roll at a favorite night club. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]


About Lady Lightning

I have been interested in tarot for at least 18 years now, I do not use the cards as a means to read the future- I believe that the future writes itself in the moments and there is no need to poke around in energy that has not yet been created. Instead I focus upon what is going on right now, and what’s stirring on the inside, that which is unknown for the seeker. I love psychology and to learn about the inner processes in myself and others so this wonderful tool helps to shine light on these interesting and inspiring energies.
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